Letter Of Explanation For Declining Income

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A letter of explanation (LOE) is a fairly common occurrence in the mortgage underwriting world, and they’re not always a bad thing. Lenders and underwriters sometimes ask for these letters in order to document something, to obtain more information, and to satisfy the requirements imposed by FHA, VA, Freddie Mac, etc.

What is a Letter of Explanation? A letter of explanation (LOX) is a brief document sent to lenders to clarify things like an insufficient-funds charge on your checking account, to note changes in income, provide a summary of your rental history, or just about anything that could be called into question during the mortgage approval process.

PDF Underwriting Documentation Overview – three years in order to be included in the income total. 6.) retirement/pension/social security – An annual Awards Letter for Social Security or a letter from the company providing the pension, plus proof of receipt of these funds is required. 7.) Rental Income – Rental income will be derived from Schedule E of the most recent tax returns.

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Writing the Perfect Letter of Explanation – LinkedIn – You just received an email from your Loan Officer asking for a Letter of Explanation. Many borrowers have no idea what should be contained in that letter or even more importantly, why it is required.

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Mortgage Q&A series: "What is a letter of explanation?" If you’re currently going through the joyful process of obtaining a home loan, you may have been asked to furnish a "letter of explanation" or LOE to provide a little more color to what the underwriter might feel is a complicated matter.

Mortgage information letter of explanation – Detroit Michigan. – It should simply say that my income was down because of Detroit’s economy. Never lie about the reason but keep it simple. On this loss of income explanation they may consider that this years income will be your income for the future. They may use that income as your base salary. So when your loan officer asks for a letter of explanation.